Boost your immune with Canoom.

Discover the many health benefits of the Chaga Mushroom, a super supplement from the Acadian Forest.

Chaga Tincture

Take a few drops every day, or easily add Chaga extract to your favourite food and beverages.
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Chaga Capsules

The easiest way to take Chaga, in a convenient capsule format. Simply take two capsules a day!
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Chaga Tea Blend

Brew deliciously healthy tea with our blend of Chaga, Cinnamon and other natural ingredients.
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The Canoom Story

Canoom Naturals was founded by two veterans of the natural health products industry. We've built upon that experience to provide preventative and supplemental solutions for a healthy lifestyle. Canoom is focused on developing a product line using many of the natural ingredients that can be found in Chaga mushrooms and Cannabis, both of which are very rich in many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that are well known to be beneficial to maintaining optimal health.
Plants are best, and fungi are fantastic.
— Neil Morgan, co-founder
Hear FROM the Canoom Family

It's been a long time since I've heard of Chaga and CBD. These products have made a difference in my daily life. Better energy and a better immune system, because no flu for several months. I felt a difference in my knees, having less pain. I recommend it!

Claudia - St. Sauveur, NB

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