About Us

Canoom Naturals Ltd is a Health and Wellness company at the intersection of Cannabis/Hemp and Mushrooms. We are an enthusiastic team of plant and fungi lovers committed to providing our membership with amazing health products sourced from the abundance of medicinal and nutritional compounds that can be found in both Cannabis/Hemp and Mushrooms. All ingredients for our products are organically grown and sustainably harvested In Canada. All of our products are currently being manufactured for us either at our own facility located in Moncton, New Brunswick or by our contract manufacturer located in Halifax N.S.

Our History

Canoom company founders Neil Morgan and Stewart (Stu) Mills first started working together in a previous company called Canutra Naturals Ltd. Canutra was founded in 2014 by Neil and his lifelong friend and internationally recognized authority on Cannabis, Dr. Paul Hornby. Stu joined the company as a director in 2016. Canutra was founded to research, educate, produce & market health and wellness products derived from the Cannabis hemp plant. Canutra evolved over its 5 year lifespan into a very successful business enterprise and was sold in June of 2019 for 10 million dollars.

Some of the Canutra company highlights include:

  • One of the first companies in Canada to market a standardized dose of CBD in a capsule.
  • Developed and implemented a 30 day observational study on human physiology and the effects of a daily regimen of hemp seed protein and CBD on 40 test subjects.
  • Education - through many seminars, trade shows and our online website content, we educated thousands of people about Cannabis, Cannabinoids (especially CBD) and the Endocannabinoid system.
  • Developed a Hemp based liquid nutritional formula called ‘Hempstart” with the Manitoba Food Development centre.
  • Acquired a 76 acre Agriculture Research farm near Moncton, N.B from the Federal Government. Applied for and subsequently were granted licenses from Health Canada to grow, process and research the Hemp plant at that facility.
  • Developed and successfully launched the “Whole Hemp Health” skincare line.

We are very proud of all that we accomplished at Canutra with our dedicated team, supportive shareholders and our favourite Cannabis plant, Hemp.

Looking Forward

Stu and Neil formed Canoom Naturals Ltd. in late 2019 with the idea to create hybrid products using the phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and medicinal compounds that can be found in both the hemp plant and mushrooms.

Why Mushrooms? Mushrooms like Cannabis/Hemp share many of the same qualities. They are great sources of healthy nutrition, essential compounds and also have many medicinal properties. The mushroom space in North America is currently where the Cannabis space was 6 or 7 years ago. Research on mushrooms and their nutritional & medicinal benefits is starting to accelerate as the movement to more plant medicines picks up steam. Mounting evidence from leading medical research institutions such as Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and NYU tell us that plant medicines & fungi are uniquely effective in treating depression, trauma and addiction, and end-of-life anxiety.

The movement to decriminalize psilocybin from mushrooms in the United States began in the late 2010s, with Denver, Colorado becoming the first city to decriminalize psilocybin in May 2019. The cities of Oakland and Santa Cruz, California, followed suit and decriminalized psilocybin in June 2019 and January 2020, respectively.

The opportunities in the Mushrooms space are only just starting and we at Canoom want to be a part of that next big health and wellness wave. We were able to keep most of our old team from Canutra and bring them along with us into the new company. Dr. Paul Hornby, Daniel Carbo, Luc Beaulieu are all with us at Canoom and were the core team that helped us to make Canutra such a success and want to do it again with Canoom.

Our Team

Stewart Mills

Stewart is passionate about helping people, team building and sales. He was a senior team director in a worldwide marketing company for more than a decade. He also served as a police officer and was a business owner in the construction industry.

Neil Morgan

Neil hails from British Columbia and brings over 40 years of business experience He is well-known as a passionate educator and speaker on the topic of cannabis, cannabinoids, and the endocannabinoid system

Daniel Carbo

Daniel Carbo is a Nano systems Engineer with a Masters in Material Science. He has been working in the cannabis biosciences industry for the past 4 years and his specialties include genetic phenotyping and nanotechnology.

Luc Beaulieu

Luc is an Industrial Engineer with over 20 years in project management and sales. He is an expert at standardizing operations and processes.


Dr. Paul Hornby

Dr. Paul Hornby is an internationally recognized authority on cannabinoids and cannabis and Founder and President of Hedron Analytical Inc. Dr. Hornby worked for B.C. Cancer Research for nine years, studying the effects of cannabis on human physiology. He is the creator of the first standardized cannabis growing product targeting specific illnesses with individual cannabis strains. Dr. Hornby has been granted authority by Health Canada for a laboratory that can legally analyze cannabis for its cannabinoid profile and chemical content. He has been a Member of Advisory Board at Shamrock Enterprises Inc. since May 2014. Dr. Hornby has a PhD in human pathology from the University of British Columbia and a Masters Degree in Biochemistry.

Alessandro Corazza

Alessandro has more than 15 years' experience in design & marketing including senior roles at regional law firms and Atlantic Canada’s largest advertising agency.