Canoom Naturals Product Trial

Hello and welcome to the Canoom Naturals product trial!

In case you haven't guessed by our company name, our focus here at Canoom Naturals is combining the benefits of cannabis with those of medicinal mushrooms.  Our two frontline stars at this time are our CBD capsules and our Chaga mushroom products.

Our whole plant hemp capsules contain a minimum of 20mg of CBD and are sourced from organically-grown plants and are laboratory tested for quality.  Our Chaga, known as the "King of Mushrooms", is ethically gathered from local professional harvesters. We offer it in three convenient forms: capsules, tincture and tea. 

The purpose of this trial is to receive feedback on our products. Participants will receive special pricing as well as thank you gifts with the completion of the trial. As candidates, you will be asked to complete basic health assessment questionnaires at the end of each month. These questionnaires have the purpose of not only allowing us to gather data on the efficiency of our products but also to encourage participants to note improvements in their health as the trial progresses.

We are very happy to have you join us on this leg of our product development and we are honored to be part of your journey to betterment.

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