Chaga Capsules


Each pouch contains a 30-day supply of pure Chaga in a convenient capsule format. Take two capsules every day to reap the benefits of Chaga's highly concentrated antioxidants - over 7 times more than blueberries.

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Hear FROM the Canoom Family

Before adding any supplements to our regimen, we do our research. About 4 years ago we were excited to add CBDs. We’ve recently added the powerful Chaga to our household! Now more than ever, we need good immune support to help our bodies deal with the elements that we face! These 2 products are packed with so many benefits. We’re in our 60’s and are enjoying the benefits of these 2 products with good health and endurance, few aches and pains or illnesses. CBD, Chaga, exercise and a bit of red wine will always be a part of our daily arsenal!

Jim & Debra Anderson - Sherwood Park, AB