Product Trial - Month 2


For the second month, in addition to the help capsules we will also be using chaga tincture. Chaga is a mushroom that grows in cold northern climates, primarily on birch trees. It contains very large quantities of antioxidants as well as other beneficial compunds such as betulin.


  • 60pcs hemp capsules
  • 50ml chaga tincture

Additional information

Hear FROM the Canoom Family

We are very happy to have had access to CBD and Chaga products. These products have made a huge contribution to better health - boosting our immune system. We are at the end of 70 years, our mobility is better. Me, Anna - really less arthritis attacks - can walk without limping and have a lot less constipation. Months, Patrick, my tremors have decreased by 75%. We have more energy. Our quality of life has improved!

Patrick & Anna - NB