Product Trial - Month 3


For the third month of our product trial we introduce two more chaga products - capsules, and your choice of tea or coffee. Chaga has been used for centuries to brew hot beverages, and the steepinbg process releases many of the beneficial compounds contained in chaga.

BONUS: As a thank you for completing our three-month trial, you will receive a free gift bag containing our Plantific soap bar, daily care lotion, and healing balm!


  • 60 pcs hemp capsules
  • 60 pcs chaga capsules
  • Your choice of chaga tea or 3 chaga cold brew coffee blend pouches

Additional information

Hear FROM the Canoom Family

We are very happy to have had access to CBD and Chaga products. These products have made a huge contribution to better health - boosting our immune system. We are at the end of 70 years, our mobility is better. Me, Anna - really less arthritis attacks - can walk without limping and have a lot less constipation. Months, Patrick, my tremors have decreased by 75%. We have more energy. Our quality of life has improved!

Patrick & Anna - NB